A Gift to Humanity

Through The Hidden Path

Within the center

Creation is always, now

Wheel keeps turning

At the center of every experience is a conscious- being. There is an observer, the one who experiences, and the experience.
Consciousness IS and experiences through a form. Moment by moment creating and dissolving an experience. Here we are, in this moment, in this space surrounded by the unknown, by the world, by tranquility, by chaos. Reality is a wheel endlessly turning. The cycle of birth, life, death and the great silence is perpetual. So long as we find ourselves within creation we are bound by the Universe.
The Wheel is the Universe, endlessly being created, experienced and dissolved.
Here is where we are, continuously walking the Wheel. This is our gift.
Eleven years ago, I sat in math class listening to a story being told by my teacher. A kind, gentle, patient man. He shared a story at theā€¦

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