Viento de Octubre

In El Salvador, the winds of October come whistling down to us from the volcano our old neighborhood skirts, bringing down with it the scents of the flora and fauna, hidden spices, unknown beasts, distant ghostly voices of families gathering for a last meal, ancestral trees, earth from the beginning of things, the song of that ancient presence that has always been with you. The force of these winds is such that, as children, you love to dare to spread your arms wide, like wings now opening the heart in ready for flight! And you know what that’s like…. And as children, we do dare to trust and let go, leaning into it, allowing it now to support you. And you can’t help but feel that you are supported eternally, lovingly, that it never lets go, that it is always there…ancient friend, Viento de Octubre.


Filtering the Bardos

There is something to be said about FILTERS. They are sometimes placed by us on purpose. An example of these are the setting of times and dates, requirements of monetary exchanges, commitments of attendance, etc.
Some are not set by us, but by the environment and the chambers we are visiting. Examples of this can be seen in our manifestations. For example, when we are feeling frustrated about something having to do with our engagement with the GUIDES or with the GROUP, we are very likely pressing up against a filter. This one requires us to make a certain type of effort to shift and morph in order to transcend. THEY DO NOT CHANGE FOR US. We do not hit or encounter the same filters all at once or all the time. It depends on our personal engagement with the territory.
When a group of voyagers embarks on a voyage, the group must gather a natural, common mind, a place where we are as one. The filters are really internal, not external, when it concerns the chambers and the space. We are ALL HERE TO HELP each other. The communication of confusion and frustration signals a filter. What may help is to listen to the guide, and to ask for assistance, just like you are doing.
It’s easy to confuse the terrain with the whims of the guide. It isn’t the same. Imagine following a tracker through a mountain trail. When we become thirsty or tired, or even disinterested, we may ask to stop to rest. Depending on the purpose and intent for this trip, the guide might decide it is a good time to stop to rest, or decide it is just best to continue on—perhaps because they are close to reaching a point that needs to be reached before long, etc. And the radiations of the bardo and the multidimensional universe continue to assail us with its radiance. As such, our guide continues to “name” these vibrations with corresponding “sounds”. It is really a thing of the guide immersed and working with the terrain. Is really NOT about our personal comfort, unfortunately. For that, try other visualizations and guided meditations.
We are NOT REALLY MEDITATING. I thought we all knew this. We are voyaging through real territory within the micro-dimensional domains. And, again, as such, our system WILL BE TRIGGERED. Time to rest is time to stop and not continue, unfortunately. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE MUST DO, if that is what is best for us. Ego plays A HUGE PART IN THIS. Ego is the only thing that will stand in the way of real voyaging.
Ego rests or gives in.
Ego, when confronted with the filters of the bardo, must either release itself to the guidance of the guides or INSIST ON ITS OWN MANIFESTATION. It’s that simple.
Though, sometimes, the hardest thing to do, because, you know, it’s ego.


Happy Transgender Day of Remembrance!

Writings of a Toltec Survivor

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a day to remember those who were murdered for having the courage to be who they are.

Here is a token to all transgender people, my people, a haiku in memoriam of your beautiful lives where you have had the bravery to find yourselves and to seek to reflect the inner in the outer.

You join a long list of people killed for being themselves. Every cultural, political, gender, religious, sexual, racial, condition, and national label that has caused you to be discriminated, assaulted, or killed is one of the deepest shames of humanity.

To have the courage to continue to pave the way for a humanity that is just and enlightened is now our burden.

I am that I AM.
Beyond all labels and names,
I see me in you.

Koyote the Blind

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The Heart is a Light

Writings of a Toltec Survivor

The Heart is a Light
For Koyote the Blind

A light shines in darkness
A heart blazes
A flame in the wilderness
Under the blue canopy of sky
A bush the burns in the desert

The truth has a friend
Who makes introductions
In the sacred tongues
To the cool moon and warm sun

A friend who stalks
hidden pathways amid the wavering stars
flashing out of the purple deep
winking with the rhythmic breath of the gods
who each in their turn
whisper a name of the Beloved into his ear

A friend whose eyes never shy
From the tears of the One
Who is our beginning
Ever flowing waters
That pour from his mouth
Into our hearts
Now alight with pure intent

–gnosticman (Gerald Porter, requiescat in pace, will be deeply missed)

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Paul Rovelli reviews The Golden Flower (pt. 3)

Writings of a Toltec Survivor

“The first chapter of Part One is ‘Fearless’ and reads like a surreal parable in the Koyote’s personal dream story. One senses a mythological journey evolving through his poetically imaginative experiences. The work on one’s inner attitude towards death is consistent with soem of the work of Liber HHH. The Koyote takes the work one step further in direct confrontation with death. With his push to be creative and use the imagination, he not only gets to the heart of magickal praxis, but quickly introduces the Vedantic perspective of the Silent Self that observes the dream.

The next chapter ‘On Lucidity of Apperception’ gives specific practical instructions for approaching lucid dreaming. And the Koyote shows how this is consisten with trances one can swork with in waking life, i.e. scrying and evocation techniques, being similar, as described in the next chapter: ‘The Four Regions of the Dreaming.’

In the next…

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