Viento de Octubre

In El Salvador, the winds of October come whistling down to us from the volcano our old neighborhood skirts, bringing down with it the scents of the flora and fauna, hidden spices, unknown beasts, distant ghostly voices of families gathering for a last meal, ancestral trees, earth from the beginning of things, the song of that ancient presence that has always been with you. The force of these winds is such that, as children, you love to dare to spread your arms wide, like wings now opening the heart in ready for flight! And you know what that’s like…. And as children, we do dare to trust and let go, leaning into it, allowing it now to support you. And you can’t help but feel that you are supported eternally, lovingly, that it never lets go, that it is always there…ancient friend, Viento de Octubre.


Unnamed In Silver Light

Unnamed it remains

To name it

To know the unknowable

To speak the unspeakable

From beyond that great abyss

Before the first sound of God

She wears a mantle of infinite suns

To hide its very presence

As One

He emerges a star

Triumphantly manifesting light everlasting

To hide its very presence

Unnamed it remains

But As None

A Seed Carried and Nourished by a Lineage Willed to Germinate (a book review by Viento de Octubre)

Koyote the Blind

The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor is like an ancient recording of Koyote on some level, one one may play and pause at will and even share with others nearby. Like everything ancient, it resurfaces through what it survives.

A seed carried and nourished by a lineage willed to germinate. For a Nahual, it was his call. The clever genius of this book is that it isn’t just a book. It carries a call. The Teller masterfully instals filters into the consciousness of the reader, awakening something. The reader becomes a voyager. There is a playing field that only few will enter. Koyote will continue to speak to every reader, and he will be specifically sending instructions to an intelligence that is beyond what is being experienced while engaging with the book. It is in this playing field that The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor opens as the seed…

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A Warrior’s Love is a Flame

Koyote the Blind

The love of a warrior is not reactive. It is not triggered by any external stimuli. It is not ruled by hope or wish, but emanates from intent. It is voluntary, and do not emerge out of need, but from an over abundance of power. That love is given as a manifestation of the pure will of the warrior.

The warrior’s love is the light of the sun; it sustains all it surveys, unconcerned with what it gets back.

It is the light in the night, warming or destroying, but ever alight.

Just like the flame, the warrior who would give light, must first burn at the core.

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They and We: dedicated to the native resistance, and the people of Cuzcatlan

Koyote the Blind

They took our lands.
We give our fruits.

They took our language.
We give our poems.

They denied our gods.
We give our prayers.

They changed our names.
We gather under The Tree.

They took our water.
We give our thirst.

They tortured us.
With our tears we clean the soul.

They massacred us.
Our blood we feeds the future.

They buried us deep,
but we are seeds.

They erased our memories.
We remember the coming of the New Sun.

–Koyote the Blind

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Sacred Aspiration in a Fool’s Hat

Koyote the Blind

How paradoxical, the nature of the search!
That which we seek, keeps moving away by the mind that places the attainment outside, beyond, later.
The immense vistas of freedom emerge, instead, as the vast horizon, always separating and unifying, in the same instant, Heaven and Earth.
And as the horizon, our aspiration remains present yet unreachable, dividing yet unifying, always perceived and never touched.
Ah, paradox of my path, holding the way and the why! You are the rim of my hat, and I but the clown who kicks his hat away every time he bends over to pick it up!

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